The Art of Great Sex

With a groan I slowly unfolded myself and sprawled flat on on my front, mashing my udders into the bed. I had been on my elbows and knees for a long intense fuck: my hair pulled hard so I would rise up and tense my muscles; my cunt rutted in forcefully, followed by shallow teasing and then more deep plundering. I was feeling aches in all sorts of places – most of them very good.

I wanted to make the most of the break I’d begged to have, so I rolled over to one side, propped myself up on an elbow, and watched the continuation of play with interest. m’Lady called out: “Turn over, fuckpig, and take the same position. I’m not done.” The fuckpig’s face was shiny, showing where I had constantly dripped lubrication and ejaculatory juices onto her as I was fucked. I leaned in to nuzzle her ear and smell my umami aroma on her skin, my owner grasped her buttocks to open wide her holes for plundering. Earlier I’d had my tongue buried in the lovely arsehole now on show, and as I leaned back I could see that it still glistened damply. But that was not the hole m’Lady wanted – yet – and the fuckpig cried out as cock thrust hard into her cunt, and ey began the same forceful fucking I’d been receiving just a minute earlier.

A wail came from the fuckpig’s lips, her head turned to the side so it could escape. She was watching me as I focused on her use. “Yes, you need that cock deep in you, don’t you fuckpig?” At my owner’s words she gave a helpless ragdoll nod, and the slapping and squishing sounds intensified.

It was wonderful to have a rest, to be the voyeur and see just how thoroughly and intensely my owner fucked. I shifted my gaze down the bed, going from from watching the forceful shifting of the fuckpig’s body with every thrust, down to focus on what I craved, always: that delectable cock. To see its firm length slammed in and sliding out. To glimpse, briefly, the piercing in eir frenum, slightly occluded by the condom.

My gaze lifted to m’Lady’s expression, a fierce teeth-bared joyous angry pleasure, punctuated with loud noises at each deep thrust. I wallowed in that look, which was so similar to the one ey wore when fucking deep into me, when my legs were up on eir shoulders for deeper penetration. As ey took the fuckpig I could see it was slightly different: a focus entirely on the fuck, with less of the pride and love I saw when it was me being used.

m’Lady saw me watching, and said, “You’ve rested long enough, my whore cow. Get over here and lubricate this asshole for me – I’ll probably use it soon.” I glanced up at the fuckpig to see her expression. I knew having her arse fucked was one of her desires. I also knew that my owner had sadistically withheld the pleasure, giving her only my tongue in that area.

The fuckpig shuddered down the length of her body, her lips open and her eyes rolling back. “Yes, please, fuck my needy arse!” she begged, but m’Lady ignored her and continued to plow into her increasingly slick cunt. I sat up, looking at m’Lady to see how ey wanted me to prepare this new hole and reaching for the lube which was lying discarded on the bed. “Should I use fingers in the slut’s arse, m’Lady?” I asked.

“Yes,” ey replied roughly. “Build up to three, and work around me – I’m not ready to stop using this wet fuckpig hole.”

I grinned, and after snapping on a black latex glove I drizzled lube down the writhing arse crack and across my hand. I felt her clenching and then suddenly bloom around the tip of my index finger, and so I moved it deeper within her before slowly removing it and returned with a second one in addition. My owner had slowed the pace of eir fucking, which helped me to keep my place and crook my fingers inside her ever so slightly.

I could feel m’Lady’s cock through the thin walls separating cunt hole from arse, and the sensation was delicious. First I could feel a firm solid sliding into a deep thump, past where my fingers nestled. And then a withdrawing, so close I wished I could curl my fingers around eir shaft. Instead I began to rub in little circles with my fingertips: rubbing the fuckpig’s arse walls, and rubbing m’Lady’s cock as it moved beneath me.

“She’s ready for three, my property.” m’Lady’s voice startled me back into action, and I realised I’d once again become distracted by eir cock.

“Yes, m’Lady. Three it is.” Loud grunting and yelping from the fuckpig – the kind which clearly denotes intense pleasure – encouraged me as well, so I withdrew both fingers, added more lube onto my hand, and returned with three. They slid in slow and easy, and I began to starfish my fingers inside her, gently stretching her even further open. My fingers continued to graze the hard cock moving below, but I kept my focus. Stretch fingers out… relax them together. Stretch out… relax. With every stretch a new sound came from the head of the bed, incoherent noises that were the start of a build up to orgasm.

“The pig wants to come, it sounds like,” I observed.

“She’ll come when I give permission and not before. Won’t you, you depraved pig?”

Wailing. Begging. More wailing and a thrashing that made it hard to keep my fingers inserted. m’Lady laughed at her reaction, and I smiled. I’d been in this position before, many a time. She might get an orgasm. But not until she’s completely over the edge – and she wasn’t there yet.

“Is that hole ready, my cumslut?”

“It is, my owner,” I replied.

“Good. Get your fingers out of the way, hold her cheeks open for me. Then I want you to lie down again, with your face under her cunt.”

“Like how she was lying beneath me before?” I asked.

“That’s exactly it, my whore. Get to it.” With that ey began to withdraw, and I swiftly removed my fingers. I removed the glove and repositioned myself so I could hold her arse cheeks apart without being in the way. My own cunt clenched: my fingers had been in there. My tongue. I wanted to be sliding in and penetrating her myself – but assisting as my owner did the penetrating was extremely hot indeed.

I watched eir cock press at her slippery entrance. Heard fuckpig moans. Watched her hole bloom and envelop that long thick shaft. Heard my owner growl deeply. Watched the inexorable slide deeper until all I could see were damply matted curls up hard against her cheeks.

I wanted to come. I really wanted to come.

Instead I did as m’Lady had ordered, and rearranged myself lying down on the bed, my head beneath that open cunt. From the position I lay in I could see the beginnings of the arse fucking – the withdrawal that had me salivating at the sight of cock above me; the clenching of thigh muscles as ey drove eir cock in deep again.

“May I wank, please, m’Lady? I need to touch myself please!” I begged and hoped.

“You may not, cow. Watch as I fuck. Watch it and need it.”

I responded in a small voice: “Yes, my owner.”

I watched the rut continue, and knew my turn – with one or both of them – would come again soon. As my owner wished it.

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