Dating a Married Man

The thing I hate most about online dating is the apparently infinite supply of men twice my age — usually married and cheating — who approach me. Dating a married man was one of my major no-nos until recently.

I always make it clear that I am looking for someone close to my age, so I can only assume they contact me because they contact every young woman they stumble across, hoping to find one desperate enough to give them some attention.

Given that attitude, even I’m surprised that I am currently lusting after a married (rich) man. He is indeed nearly twice my age and very interested in me. Before I go into more details I’d like to mention that he and his wife are swingers and seem to have a good relationship.

We’ve been friends for a year or two now and he routinely flirts with me and every other woman over the age of 18. I’ve enjoyed the flirting — it’s nice to start the day with a quick kiss or a lavish compliment. Last weekend we exchanged a real kiss, not just a friendly peck, and it was exactly what I wanted.

He managed make me feel both cared about and lusted after in one gesture and I want more of that. I want a few hours to luxuriate in that and to return it as much as possible.

I wanna have fun with this relationship and sex feels like a natural next step.


Dating A Married Man Is My Choice!

This was not an easy decision. As much as I enjoy him and our relationship, complete with sexual overtones, the age difference is one of my few taboos. We also have several mutual friends, some of whom do not see the appeal of casual sex.

While I do not worry about the opinions of strangers, I do care about my friends. I don’t want to engage in some sort of poly awareness campaign just to keep the peace in our social circle. A friend suggested that I simply do not tell anyone about this. But, even though I plan on being discreet, I don’t want to hide anything.

That’s one of my criteria for making good decisions: if I don’t want to admit it, I shouldn’t be doing it.

It took some time to get me to this point, but I can’t wait. I expect this to be fun sex with someone who cares about me. Someone who has minimal expectations and will treat me like a real princess. That is exactly what I want right now.


I appreciate being wanted, but I do not want to be needed. His age and marriage are actually advantages in this situation. As it stands, our relationship already has clear boundaries that both of us find acceptable. He openly flirts with me and many other people so it’s clear that he has nothing to hide, something I find reassuring.

I know readers of this post will judge me for dating a married man. But when you think about it… It’s my life, my body, my choice!

Casual sex has changed my life in many ways. I am grateful that I no longer need to obsess over every gesture and every new person that comes into my life. I have a clear set of principles and a clear idea of what I want.

With this knowledge comes a kind of self-awareness to be able to relax and enjoy a good thing when it is offered to me.

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