Guest Post

Every morning, I get up, make my coffee, and write.  Some mornings I bound out of bed with more energy than a nuclear reactor.  I cannot wait to sit down at my computer and write!

Some mornings, I sit and fret and sit and stare at the blank screen and sit some more. Most days are somewhere in between.

I’ve heard writers talk about what motivates them to embrace the writer’s life. I used to think they were overly dramatic when I read things like:  I’m a writer because I cannot imagine doing anything else or If I didn’t write, I would die or Writing is simply in my blood.  And, while I still think those sentiments are on the hysterical side, I’m slowly beginning to get it.

Writing allows me to tap into what makes me human and share that piece of who I am with others.  It provides a kind of connection—an intimate connection—I have not been able to find anywhere else in my life.  Writing cleanses my soul.

When I get it just right and a reader tells me that I touched a chord, I know that I’m on the right track:  I’ve hunted truth down and cornered it.  When readers send me emails asking for advice or delve into their own stories because I reminded them of their own predicaments: I’ve speared truth and flung it over my shoulder.

That’s how to write a guest post for RottenGirl . . . . Share a sliver of who you are and do it so we see ourselves peering back in the reflection of your words.


Here are some hints on how to write a guest post for RottenGirl:


  • Instead of making up stories for your guest post, start with a setting or scenario you know well.  By all means, take creative licenses to bolster the story if necessary, but couch your narrative in the crux of human experience.
  • Only include sex scenes if they help illuminate what it is you really want to share. Gratuitous sex may get readers off, but what really makes sex interesting is when the physical sensation mingles with the emotional (or sometimes even spiritual) piece of who we are.
  • Lure readers in with some form of context that sets the stage for your main point.  Be sure you get us ready to read what it is you want to say.  Also pay close attention to how you close.  Give us something to chew on.
  • Human sexuality plays out in many, many ways. Sometimes it’s best to write lists, observations, rants, and research.  As long as the content is appropriate for a sex blog, the structure of the post is up to you. In general, I’m looking for sex positive pieces that portray complicated human connections in (roughly) over 500 words.


If you are relatively new to blog writing, not confident with English mechanics, or hesitant to contribute for any reason—please still email me, so we can talk about the idea for your post.  I work with a lot of writers at all levels and sincerely enjoy helping others get their story told.

I look forward to hearing from you.