How To Surprise Your Man In Bed After Being Apart

Sex after being apart for sometime can be made new and enjoyable. Learn how to surprise your man in bed with these simple tips from RottenGirl with love!



1: Arrange to go away

Make sure yout trip is longer than you and your man have ever been apart before. Remember to put your cellphone on international roaming, so you can send text messages and make sure he doesn’t forget about you.


2: Get a tan

Travel to a destination with a warm climate, so that both locals and tourists are wearing minimal clothing or swimming wear. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


3: Don’t sleep with any other guy

Or have any flings whilst away. Flirting with pretty women and admiring buff men in the pool is recommended instead. Don’t forget to have a cocktail in the hotel bar, as well.


4: Refrain from masturbation as much as possible

Staying off sex will keep you wet and ripe for when you see him. Try to think naughty thoughts, but don’t cum! Save it instead.


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1: Look your best and wear that sexy outfit he loves. Suffer through appallingly long queues at passport control, baggage collection, and customs, so as to better appreciate being wrapped in an enthusiastic embrace once you make it into the arrivals area.


2: Gently touch his sensitive areas while he is driving you home from the airport. Kiss occasionally, and lean your head on their shoulder. Don’t be too forward so that it comes as a surprise to him.


3: Sit on the couch together while you give your man any presents you bought for him. Be pleased that your choices make him smile. Get distracted by his smile, and how much you’ve missed it. And how kissable it is …


4: Have a shower to clean off the travel. Ask to get your back scrubbed, and get the bonus of being wrapped in a large towel and thoroughly dried.


5: Make the bed together. Be pleased that your man was thoughtful enough to strip the bed and do a wash (and remembered to hang the washing and bring it in). Enjoy smoothing the sheets and fluffing the duvet together.


6: Wear something sexy and slip under the cool sheets. Hug and kiss him. Enjoy the warmth of his skin.


7: Kiss. Kiss a lot. Lose yourself in kissing. (Be glad you don’t have to stand up again). Re-acquaint yourself with his body. Re-acquaint yourself with certain parts of his body.


8: Remember just how perfectly his cock fits in your hand and mouth. Mmmm. Spend some time making sure it really does. Yep. Perfectly.


9: Pause. Lay back and revel in the sight fisting his cock, for you. Lick your lips. See how his head falls back, his eyes close, his hips buck. Watch how his hand moves up and down his shaft. See how delightfully his ball-sack jiggles with every stroke.


10: Taste that glorious come, having gotten your lips over his cock-head just in time. Enjoy the sensation of creamy warmth on your tongue, and swallow with a delighted smile. Lick up any extra that may come to the fore. No sense wasting that lovely fluid!


11: Get a towel from the sex-towel pile, and lay back. Rub your clit lazily while he’s in the bathroom. Give him a wicked grin when he returns.


12: Let him ‘assist’ and feel the slick wetness of your cunt. Groan as he curls his fingers up inside you.


13: Encourage him to tell you about the hot night he had with Getrude (his virtual whore) the evening before. Get off on hearing how he went down on her, and how she shrieked and yowled as she came. Find out if they fucked her doggy-style again, and how good it was.


14: Orgasm hard, clamping down on his hand. And a few more times. It’s been a while, after all.


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1: Have a glass of water. Share it with him.

2: Curl up together. Nuzzle. Kiss a little. Know he can taste himself on your lips. Know that he can smell you on his hands.

3: Turn back to back, spines lined up against each other, the way you both like to sleep. Feel how different his back is to the wall of the hotel room.

4: Drift off to sleep, sated. In your own bed, with your man. Home sweet home.


That’s how to surprise your man in bed after sometime apart. Dosen’t really matter if you orchestrated the time apart. It’s all about the ‘welcome home sex’.

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