How to Twerk for Beginners

Hello dear, has your man ever told you to twerk for him, but you tried it and just couldn’t get it right? Don’t worry, this has probably happened to 90% of all women today.

Here’s the good news, “TWERKING” is easy and can turn him on easily. You don’t have to worry that he will lose interest, just follow these steps and next time, your booty will be bouncing just the way he’ll like it.

1. Put on comfortable shoes

High-heeled shoes might not be good for you as a beginner. Wear rubber shoes and make sure they are well-fitted. If you have a mirror in your gome stand in front of it so that you can watch your ass as you make it bounce.


2. Take the right position

Put your hands on your knees and tilt forward with your feet slightly apart. They should not be too close though, to avoid losing your balance.


3. Stand on your toes

Slowly try to rise up and stand on your toes, ensure you are stable enough then shake your booty slowly from left to right.


4. Move your ass up and down

Now try to bounce your ass up and down while holding your knees. Repeat this step several times until you feel that you no longer have to struggle to shake your ass. You can also try to hold a wall and increase the frequency at which you’re bouncing your ass.

It is easy to learn this dancing style if you have the passion. If your mom blessed you with a big butt, then it is an extra advantage for you. If you follow these steps, your man will want to grab your bum and squeeze it.

You can try twerking when doing the doggy. You’ll definitely drive him mad as you hit that spot with each bounce. If you plan to twerk during sex, you must perfect your dancing moves. You don’t wanna break his stick!


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