Tips For Great Makeup SEX

Hold on! Let’s take a brief second now and reminisce on how that crazy passionate out-of-this-world sex feels like after we’ve had a heated fight or argument with our partner; hmm, okay let’s get back.

Not everyone may have experienced the joy of make-up sex and for some, it doesn’t always turn out right, this is why I’ll be sharing four tips with you on how to have great makeup sex.


Tip 1: Have The Talk Before The Sex

Endeavor to talk over your issues before the sex, because after the sex things get blurry, and you both would probably end up putting aside your differences. Great makeup sex cannot help resolve your problems, but the right kind of communication can.


Tip 2: Turn The Anger Into Sexual Excitement

You’re still getting over your anger; your pulse is racing, and imaginations are running wild. Reach out and touch your partner slowly and teasingly and watch as the anger turns into intense sexual excitement for the both of you. Before you know it, you’ll both be gasping for air while being overwhelmed with your sexual desires.


Tip 3: Do This If You’re At Fault? And If You Aren’t

Do you want to make your partner forget what you were fighting about? Like really forget! Make sure you give him/her an earth-shattering time. Make your partner feel like they are walking on the moon by doing what turns them on, in a wholehearted and adventurous way.

Touch and Kiss them gently and softly, from the head to the toe, and give em deep sensual kisses that will have em screaming, moaning and calling out your name.


Tip 4: “Let’s Make Love…Not War”

Clearly this is not the time to start bringing up the issues that got you fighting in the first place. Some folks just cannot see past their hurt feelings, and may want to talk about their troubles during sex. This sometimes works, especially if your partner is just like you. However, you can also bring up the wrong emotions all over again and can unravel an already resolved issue. My advice is to let it go and get it out of your mind, fill that vacuum with loving and intimate thoughts of your partner.

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