Vampire Romance Books I Like

Vampire romance books are fun to read and to fantasize with – and to watch on TV too (as a long time Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel fan, and a brand new Being Human fan, I’m all about the bloodsucking, bloodsharing, fangs and veins).

There are all sorts of vampire erotica stories. There are the Dracula rewrites, the historical bodice-rippers, the modern urban grit, and the supernatural fantasies. And, of course, the romantic broody tales. Most vampiric erotica contains a variety of types within its pages, unless it’s a novel or series. If you’re not sure what appeals to you, starting with an anthology will help you work out what gets your knickers damp!

Not sure how vampires can have sex, being undead? There’s an excellent article on Vampire Physiology 101 which discusses how being a vampire can affect your sex life:

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Will being a vampire affect my sex life?

Not at all! Although it is nearly impossible for vampires to reproduce (there is only one known case of a vampire actually giving birth) they are still fully able to perform sexual intercourse. The vampire circulatory system (discussed in this pamphlet) enables male vampires to become erect and female vampire genitalia to experience arousal.

Mucuous membranes still function on a limited basis for vampires. In the sinuses, for example, it aids in the sense of smell by keeping the sinuses lubricated. It is the same for the production of vaginal lubricant in vampires.

Due to fact that vampire bodies contain less water than humans, it may be necessary to use additional lubrication.


Female Vamps

Female vampires do not produce eggs or experience a menstrual cycle.

Male Vamps

The male vampire does not undergo spermatogenesis within the testicles. Sperm is the component that is missing from vampire semen.

The seminal vesicles continue to excrete a thick liquid (which is primarily fructose in humans, but sugar levels can vary in vampires depending on whom they have eaten), this liquid combines with an alkaline secretion from the prostate to form the vampire version of semen.

Vampire males even secrete the lubricant that readies the urethra to expel semen— commonly known as “pre-cum.” When aroused sufficiently, vampire males are capable of repeated ejaculation, though they are susceptible to dehydration and may need to drink very soon after or supplement their diet with water.

Both male and female vampires take great pleasure in sex, despite being “sterile” (except for the atypical case mentioned above). Sex also serves as a convenient lure for human victims. Demons seem to enjoy sex as much as humans and a hybrid of the two creatures would logically continue to find it pleasurable.

Here are some vampire erotica books which I’ve read and can heartily recommend. Please note that I own all of these books, and in most cases have purchased them myself.

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Vampire Romance Books I’ve Read


Love in Vein and Love in Vein II, edited by Poppy Z. Brite.

Depending on your tastes, these anthologies are either horror stories with erotic undertones, or erotica tales with horror overtones. Or perhaps just dark and sexy. I find many of the tales within very arousing indeed, so they live on the same shelf as the rest of my erotica collection, rather than on the general bookcase with the other horror books.


Erotica Vampirica, edited by Cecilia Tan.
I have a number of Cecilia Tan’s anothologies, and this one is a grand addition. There are a variety of vampiric tales – not all of them appeal to me, but enough do so that the book lives perpetually on the floor by my side of the bed.


Novels / Series

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, by J.R. Ward.
These are billed as ‘erotic paranormal romance’, and that’s not far wrong. But they’re immensely readable, and contain some smokin’ hot sex scenes (including, in some books, kink scenes), with bloodsucking, that are all the hotter for being invested in the characters. Each book focuses on one of the brotherhood’s search for a mate – and while they can be read in any order, it makes more sense to start at the beginning. Track down Dark Lover (the first book), devour it – and then find the rest if you find it’s your thing!


Sips of Blood, by Mary Ann Mitchell.
I must admit, this one I haven’t yet read – I only found it in a second-hand store a few weeks ago. But it looks intriguing, doesn’t it? A vampiric series about Marquis de Sade, is promises to combine bloodsucking and BDSM in delicious combination. We shall see.

The Marquis de Sade. The very name conjures images of decadence, torture, and dark desires. But even the worst rumors of his evil deeds are mere shades of the truth, for the world doesn’t know what the Marquis became–they don’t suspect he is one of the undead. And that he lives among us still. His tastes remain the same, only more pronounced. And his desire for blood has become a hunger.



Like Crimson Droplets, edited by Cecelia Tan.
This e-book, available for the Kindle, eReader, and in .pdf format, containe four stories by different authors. Not quite novelettes, these are instead long short-stories. I found three out of the four hot enough to have me squirming in my chair – and the collection itself is very re-readable indeed.

Veteran authors Jason Rubis, Kierstin Cherry, and Thomas S. Roche, along with newcomer Cari Z. come together to bring you four new erotic vampire stories in Like Crimson Droplets. Each story offers a different outlook on the myth of the vampire and the pleasurable consequences for the humans who cross their paths. Ranging from light to dark, this new eBook traverses the spectrum of vampiric possibilities: between the peace of death and the salvation of eternal life, vampiric power to enslave or submit, a Halloween nightmare turned wet dream, and a bond built of blood and love. Through sex and blood each character is altered, breaking out of the world they know into something spectacular.


Kallysten‘s works.
Once upon a time, Kallysten was one of the better known fanfic writers in the Buffy-verse. She’s since successfully made the leap to original fiction, with a wide variety of ‘paranormal romances’ available in e-book form. Unlike most of the other stories mentioned here, her works include a lot of polyamorous relationships and same-sex erotica, which fit very well indeed into her paranormal worlds.

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