What’s a sugar baby?

What’s a sugar baby you ask? Well, a sugar baby is simply a woman who is pampered and receives gifts from an older, wealthy man. Sometimes in exchange for sexual favors, and other times, just for companionship. The relationship is known as a sugar relationship.

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Expectations from a sugar baby

A sugar baby is expected to give romantic care to her sugar daggy. She is supposed to spend time with him and make him feel young and vibrant.

A sugar baby should not feel envious when the sugar daddy spends his time with his family – because most times, that’ll be the case.

The primary goal of such a relationship is to get monetary gifts and other support from the sugar daddy in exchange for sexual favors and company. The sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships do not often lead to marriage.


What's a sugar baby

Advantages of being a sugar baby

It is nice to be a sugar baby as it provides an avenue to get whatever you want like money, jewelry and sometimes you’ll get a life coach. Being a sugar baby will free you from any financial stress and if you are in between relationsjips, it’ll help restore your self confidence and self-worth.


Being a successful sugar baby

A successful sugar baby behaves decently and treats her sugar daddy nicely. She gracefully accepts all the demands made by him, while making some financial demands of her own. She dedicates most of her time to her sugar daddy, but must make out time to look her best.

A sugar baby can also choose to keep the sugar relationship a secret affair. This way, she won’t ruin her relationship with her boyfriend, and her sugar daddy will be free of any scandal.

Being a sugar baby will settle all your financial worries and set you up to a good start. The sugar relationship is usually a mutual one. Both parties always know what to expect and when to end it.

As a sugar baby, you’ll get to have a lot of fun spending his money. You’ll have ample cash to buy all the nice things you usually can’t afford. Remember, it’s not only about shopping. You must learn some key bedroom tricks like giving him a sensual massage, twerking, threesomes and more.

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